Get A Speeding Ticket Dismissed Without An Attorney

A speeding ticket attorney in California can certainly be an expensive and stressful endeavour. This is especially true when you take into account the cost of paying an attorney’s hourly rates (usually hundreds of dollars per hour) to take your case to the court. But it’s also not the answer to just pay up if you honestly feel you’ve been unfairly penalized by a camera or even an officer of the law.

After all, the state of California has a zero-tolerance for anyone who happens to put other users of the road in danger. This means that the cost of a speeding ticket can climb pretty drastically depending on how fast you were driving, and whether you’re a repeat offender of this type of violation. Don’t despair though, fighting a speeding ticket without an attorney is also completely possible! Don’t get us wrong though. A speeding violation certainly isn’t something you should take lightly. However, there are a number of reasons that you can draw on for fighting your speeding ticket by yourself.

While speeding isn’t something you should ever be encouraged to do. There are certain criteria you could use to make a case for appeal when beating a speeding ticket in California without using a specialized speeding ticket attorney. This usually depends on why you were going over the speed limit in the first place, the visibility of road signs and markings, as well as the measures that were followed while citing you for the violation.

This is where the TicketBust system can make things incredibly easy. In fact, simple enough that you don’t always need an attorney to get out of a speeding ticket (CVCs 22349a, 22349b, 22405, 22406 or 22407). Use our nifty toolkit to navigate your violation and what may constitute an unfair or incorrect citation. You’ll have your “Trial By Written Declaration” ready for you to mail off to the court in no time at all. At the end of the day, this means you don’t even need to appear in court or pay for an attorney to represent you there.

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