Fight A Seatbelt Ticket Without An Attorney

Did you completely forget to put on your seatbelt before starting up the engine and heading out on your way? Possibly one of your passengers disengaged their seatbelt while you were driving and you didn’t notice? There are a number of ways where you can find yourself asking yourself whether it’s possible to fight a seatbelt ticket without an attorney present. The good news is that not only do you not technically need to pay expensive hourly rates to hire an attorney for these proceedings, you could even find yourself not having to go to court at all in order to submit your appeal.

What many people in the state of California don’t realise is that you really don’t need an attorney to fight traffic violations that you feel have been unfairly issued. All it comes down to is having the right information on hand so that you can build an airtight defense for the court on your own terms and time. If the idea of working through the criteria of your case from the comfort of your home or office, without having to break the bank on attorneys, appeals to you, then certainly consider the TicketBust system. Without a doubt, this is your best bet for avoiding the cost of an attorney and getting your seatbelt ticket dismissed on your own.

After all, appealing California’s mandatory seatbelt law (CVC 27315) can certainly become an incredibly expensive endeavour. Not to mention that many drivers find the law a bit confusing, particularly in relation to passengers in the vehicle. If you or one of your passengers has been cited for a seatbelt violation, did you even know a violation was being committed? The TicketBust system will help you build the best possible defense to contest a mandatory seatbelt ticket without an attorney. You can compile your “Trial By Written Declaration” on your own and mail it off to the courts. Then just sit back and wait for your outcome. It’s really that easy.

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