What Does Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Mean?

  • Road traffic control devices (TCDs) are markers, signs and signal devices used to inform, guide and control traffic. This includes pedestrians, bicyclists, and of course, vehicles. Traffic citations with this categorization are frequently misunderstood. Let us take a look at what it means to disobey a TCD, and the consequences that accompany its citation. Failure
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Does a Trial by Written Declaration Actually Work?

  • A trial by written declaration is a way to fight your traffic ticket through writing instead of in-person trial. If your ticket is dismissed, there will be no fines, no points and no court. This sounds great but does a trial by declaration actually work? Let’s take a look!

The Real California Speeding Ticket Cost

  • Ever heard the phrase “seat belts save lives”? Thousands of accidents occur daily, which is why it is imperative drivers and passengers follow the California seat belt laws.

How to Beat Following Too Closely Ticket in California

  • Unfortunately, you may not realize you are following too closely to another vehicle while running late or being impatient. Or you may feel you were giving enough space but a police officer believes you were too close and tailgating. That is when you may get stopped by a police officer and receive a follow too closely or tailgating ticket. Police officials and other investigating teams in California are taking these violations seriously.

Speed Limit for Commercial Vehicles in California

  • If a person drives faster than the speed limit in California, it comes with a hefty penalty and fine when pulled over by the police. And this doesn’t change even if it is a commercial vehicle.

How to Fight a Radar Gun Speeding Ticket

  • Thousands of drivers have received radar gun speeding tickets and paid the expensive fines and penalties. In fact, speeding tickets are the most common moving violation in California. So here is everything you need to know on how to fight a radar gun speeding ticket.

Is CVC 38300 a Moving Violation?

  • Do you have a CVC 38300 ticket and don’t know much about it or how to get it dismissed? Well, we at TicketBust are here to help. So, let’s talk about this California vehicle code – how much it costs and if it’s a moving violation or non-moving violation.

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