3 Reasons Not to Hire A Traffic Ticket Attorney

  • Let’s say that you were pulled over by a police officer on a questionable traffic charge. The officer writes you a ticket and walks away satisfied and smirking. That may leave you wanting to fight the case by hiring an attorney, but you have situations where this may not be the best idea. In some cases, you could hire one and find that you still haven’t resolved the issue.

How Many Points is a Speeding Ticket in CA

  • Speeding tickets are the #1 issued traffic violation in California. This means thousands of drivers will have to pay between $245-$900 in speeding ticket fines each year. In addition to paying higher car insurance premiums after points are placed on their driving record. So how many points is a speeding ticket in CA? And how do you keep your driving record clean? Let’s take a look.

Do Not Pay that Ticket! California Traffic Ticket Dismissal is Easy

  • A California traffic ticket can be costly. Especially after all the add on fees and increase in insurance rates because of points on your driving record. That is why you don’t pay that ticket until you try fighting it using Trial by Written Declaration. It is the easiest method to dismiss a ticket. You don’t even have to show up at court. If ticket is dismissed, you will be refunded bail money and no points will be added to your driving record. So why not try!

22107 CVC Understanding Unsafe Lane Change Law

  • A California driver is required to signal when turning or changing lanes. If blinker is not used or used late, a driver can be pulled over by police and given a 22107 CVC, an unsafe lane change ticket. These tickets cost between $200-$400. Additionally, 1 point is placed on driving record since it is a moving violation. So what exactly is the unsafe lane change law and how do you avoid getting this ticket? Let’s take a look.

Do I Need a Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

  • Let’s examine the logistics of hiring a speeding ticket lawyer: should you do it, is it financially worth it, and what other options do you have.

How to Follow HOV Rules in California

  • Living in California has a great deal of upside, with seemingly minimal faults. One of these few faults however, is the traffic. There are methods to combat this traffic, though, including the implementation of HOV lanes. Let’s take a look at California’s HOV rules, and how to correctly follow them in order to avoid carpool lane tickets.

A Guide to California DMV Points

  • Did you know that fines and insurance hikes aren’t the only penalty incurred from traffic tickets? The California DMV points system has corresponding point values for every possible traffic offense. For example, if an individual receives a sign violation ticket, one point is added to the offender’s license. Let’s examine the basics of the California DMV points system, and go over the process of effectively dismissing your points.

What is a Trial De Novo?

  • Have you received a traffic ticket in California, and are exploring all possible options to dismiss your citation? Chances are, you’ve stumbled across the term “trial de novo.” Let’s go over what this legal term really means, while examining the benefits of requesting a new trial.

How to Beat a Ticket for CA Vehicle Code 23152 b

  • One of the most expensive tickets with seemingly permanent consequences, a breach in California Vehicle Code 23152 b can leave you feeling helpless and at the mercy of the DMV and California court system. The good news: you can beat this ticket—and it’s not as difficult as you may think. Let’s take a look.

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