How To Write A Defense For A Trial By Written Declaration

  • When most people realize for the first time that it is possible to fight a speeding ticket, one question usually comes next – how? Is it possible to fight a speeding ticket? Absolutely, with the help of a trial by declaration.

How Do Insurance Companies Find Out About Traffic Tickets?

  • If you have ever gotten a traffic ticket before, then you may wonder how your insurance company even find out about them. The main thing that you need to know is that your entire driving history is kept on record and every insurance company can access it with the click of a button. Speeding tickets or other related violations can easily increase your insurance rates too.

Does a Trial by Written Declaration Actually Work?

  • A trial by written declaration is a way to fight your traffic ticket through writing instead of in-person trial. If your ticket is dismissed, there will be no fines, no points and no court. This sounds great but does a trial by declaration actually work? Let’s take a look!

Can a Lawyer Dismiss a Traffic Ticket for You?

  • A traffic ticket is little more than an inconvenient annoyance for the majority of people who receive one. Most of those who are slapped with a ticket, lament their misfortune, pay the fine and then continue their lives.

How Can I Reduce My Traffic Ticket?

  • Even just one ticket could mean thousands of dollars when you include the additional fees from court and county and the increase in car insurance rates for the next three years.

22107 CVC Understanding Unsafe Lane Change Law

  • A California driver is required to signal when turning or changing lanes. If blinker is not used or used late, a driver can be pulled over by police and given a 22107 CVC, an unsafe lane change ticket. These tickets cost between $200-$400. Additionally, 1 point is placed on driving record since it is a moving violation. So what exactly is the unsafe lane change law and how do you avoid getting this ticket? Let’s take a look.

What Cars Qualify for HOV Lane in California?

  • To help the environment and encourage carpooling and ridesharing, the state of California has incorporated HOV lanes, otherwise known as High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, on several highways. These lanes may seem like a lifesaver; however, there are some rules and regulations you should learn before using them.

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