Understanding the California Seat Belt Law

  • Ever heard the phrase “seat belts save lives”? Thousands of accidents occur daily, which is why it is imperative drivers and passengers follow the California seat belt laws.

How Much Is a Texting While Driving Ticket in CA?

  • How Much Is a Texting While Driving Ticket in CA? Everyone knows you shouldn’t text while driving, but all it takes is a quick glance around while you’re sitting in traffic to realize that “knowing you shouldn’t do it” is different from “not doing it.” In fact, one of the most common tickets in California
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How To Get A Moving Violation Off Your Record

  • The first thing to look into is how to get this moving violation off your record. So let’s take a look at the options for fighting a traffic ticket in California.

Traveling? Remember California Basic Speed Law

  • Traveling long distance means the weather and road conditions can change quickly from one place to another. So make sure you are always traveling at a safe speed. Remember, getting nabbed for basic speed law speeding can result in one or two negative marks on your driving record and a fine of up to $500. 

Can You Text While Stopped at a Red Light?

  • In 2009, California created several laws that made it illegal to read, write or send texts while driving. These laws make it very clear that a driver must use a hand free device when operating a vehicle. But what if the vehicle is not moving? Can you text while stopped at a red light?

Do I Have To Go To Court For A Speeding Ticket?

  • Many drivers choose to fight their speeding tickets in court in hopes to get the judge to at least reduce the fine. But do you have to go to court for a speeding ticket? Or is there another way to fight speeding tickets?

How Can I Reduce My Traffic Ticket?

  • Even just one ticket could mean thousands of dollars when you include the additional fees from court and county and the increase in car insurance rates for the next three years.

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