Can You Text While Stopped at a Red Light?

  • In 2009, California created several laws that made it illegal to read, write or send texts while driving. These laws make it very clear that a driver must use a hand free device when operating a vehicle. But what if the vehicle is not moving? Can you text while stopped at a red light?

Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal and Is It Safe?

  • Lane splitting is the practice of a motorcycle driving between two rows of stopped or moving cars in the same lane. This practice has become extremely common occurrence on highways and roads. For this reason, drivers must stay attentive on the road and learn how to deal with them to ensure safety. But is lane
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How to Follow HOV Rules in California

  • Living in California has a great deal of upside, with seemingly minimal faults. One of these few faults however, is the traffic. There are methods to combat this traffic, though, including the implementation of HOV lanes. Let’s take a look at California’s HOV rules, and how to correctly follow them in order to avoid carpool lane tickets.

A Guide to California DMV Driving Point System

  • Did you know that fines and insurance hikes aren’t the only penalty incurred from traffic tickets? The California DMV points system has corresponding point values for every possible traffic offense. For example, if an individual receives a sign violation ticket, one point is added to the offender’s license. Let’s examine the basics of the California DMV points system, and go over the process of effectively dismissing your points.

Driving Without a License in California

  • When you are pulled over by a police officer, the first thing they usually ask for is your license and registration. But what if you do not have a license or it’s expired? Learn about what it means to drive without a license, the consequences you could face if caught, and who doesn’t need to
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Distracted Driving: Are California drivers obsessed with selfies?

  • At any moment during the day over half a million drivers are fiddling with a cell phone from behind the wheel, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.  Chatting, texting, or playing games while driving is risky behavior for sure; but this new trend may be even worse.  According to a new study by
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Texting not the only distracted driving danger: Mobile games quickly taking over

  • Texting not the only distracted driving danger: Mobile games quickly taking over. – blog submitted by, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets. Texting isn’t the only distracted driving danger. Safety advocates are also concerned about drivers being addicted to their mobile games and playing while behind the wheel. Just recently, a driver
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