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Getting a speeding ticket is pretty much guaranteed to ruin your day. This is especially true in the state of California, which has some of the highest fees, fines and penalties in the nation when it comes to traffic tickets.

You may feel like your bank account just can’t bear the expense or your driver license can’t take any more points. So you are pondering hiring a speeding ticket lawyer to help you get your ticket dismissed.

But can a lawyer really help you? Is there another way that is less expensive, less error-prone and more likely to succeed? As a matter of fact there is! Read on now to learn why the speeding ticket lawyer cost isn’t worth spending when you can use Trial By Written Declaration instead!

What Is Trial By Written Declaration?

If you are like most California drivers, you probably have never heard of Trial By Written Declaration before now.

And you can bet no speeding ticket lawyer will tell you about this simple, easy way to contest your traffic ticket! Even so, you may later find your speeding ticket lawyer cost bill includes this service and charges you double or triple to do it.

California is one of the states that permits drivers to contest a wide variety of traffic tickets using the process of Trial By Written Declaration. In this way, you are lucky, because Trial By Written Declaration means you get to avoid going to court, standing in front of a judge or taking time off work to fight your traffic ticket.

It also gives you another alternative to taking traffic school and wasting a full workday’s worth of your precious time staring at dull slides with traffic statistics.

You don’t need a speeding ticket lawyer when you can use Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD) through TicketBust to contest your traffic ticket.

A Side By Side Cost Comparison: TBWD Versus Traffic Lawyer

Still not convinced you don’t need to foot the bill for a speeding ticket lawyer cost to get your speeding ticket dismissed?

Let’s do a side by side cost comparison and take a closer look at what the money you spend actually gets you.

Hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

According to the Personal Finance Cost Helper, a traffic attorney may charge between $80 and $150 just for an hour of their time to go to court as “you” and talk to the judge.

But here, the attorney doesn’t have any options you don’t already have. Like you, your new attorney will be hoping the ticketing police officer doesn’t show up in court. In this best-case scenario, they just earned a quick $150 to do something you could have done yourself for free.

If the officer does show up, the attorney still doesn’t have any special power to get your ticket dismissed. They can only point out technicalities or request traffic ticket school in lieu of points on your driver license. Here again, you could do this yourself for free.

Once you decide to retain an attorney’s services to fight your traffic ticket, the clock starts ticking. In addition to that $150 or so you spend to send your attorney to court on your behalf, you also have to pay for their time to review your ticket, research options, review what California traffic law says about your case and create their argument.

By this time, at a billable rate of between $100 and $300 per hour, you could easily spend $2,000+ on things you could have done yourself for free.

Use Trial By Written Declaration.

The Trial By Written Declaration is actually printed on the back of your traffic ticket. If you turn your ticket over now, you will see it there among the fine print.

The California traffic courts are overworked and underpaid as it is. They want you to use Trial By Written Declaration to contest your traffic ticket because it reduces their work hours, administrative overhead costs and staffing expenses.

Using Trial By Written Declaration – something few drivers do but the California traffic courts love – automatically puts you on the judge’s good side. You have read the directions, followed them, saved the judge having to listen to one more argument and delegated all the paperwork for your citation to a staff member instead.

When you use TicketBust, at most you will spend $99 to $199 depending your ticket type. And right now we are offering a $20 off introductory price!

We walk you through the entire process of contesting your ticket via Trial By Written Declaration and we will prepare your defense documents for you so you have the very best chances of getting your traffic ticket dismissed outright.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes of your time to get started. You snap a picture of your citation, upload it with a few details about what happened and we take it from there.

We even offer same-day service if you are in a hurry. All you have to do is download your defense documents, prepare the packet for mailing, include the bond (which will be refunded to you when your ticket is dismissed) and send it to the courthouse.

Then you can go back to your regularly scheduled life and not worry anymore about your ticket.

Why Use TicketBust to Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

If you have gotten any kind of traffic ticket in the state of California, you need TicketBust. Our economical, simple, easy and reliable process guides you step-by-step through how to get your ticket dismissed.

When you get your ticket dismissed, you don’t have to pay any fines, fees or penalties. Your bail money is refunded. You don’t have to go to traffic school and spend hours staring at boring videos of traffic accidents. You can just pick up and go right on with your life.

Visit www.ticketbust.com today to get started on the road to dismissing your California traffic ticket!

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