Speed Limit for Commercial Vehicles in California

commercial truck speed limit in california

If a person drives faster than the speed limit in California, it comes with a hefty penalty and fine when pulled over by the police. And this doesn’t change even if it is a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles also have to abide to a speed limit that is determined by California Vehicle Code 22406 VC. So let’s have a look at the speed limit for commercial vehicles in California and how to get commercial vehicle traffic infractions dismissed by a written declaration.

Speed Limit for Commercial Vehicles in California

In California, the speed limit for commercial vehicles is 55 mph imposed by the California Vehicle Code 22406 VC. 

Along with this limit, commercial vehicles defined in section 636 (which are explained below) are to stay on lanes marked and designated for the slower vehicles. Usually, this is the right-hand lane, and if the road has four or more lanes, the designation would be on the 2 right lanes. 

With that said, California is different than most states as it enforces restrictions and truck only lanes on commercial vehicles. When driving as a commercial driver, always remember to watch out for California highways that have truck only lanes. If this is the case, you must drive in that designated lane on that highway. Currently, two highways have truck only lanes, that is Southbound I-5 in Kern County and the Northbound and Southbound I-5 in LA County.

Which Commercial Vehicles Have a Maximum Speed of 55 mph

Going by the stated laws in California, only specific vehicles are placed on the maximum speed limit of 55 mph, these vehicles are:

-Trucks or tractors or buses (vehicles) pulling / drawing on another vehicle behind it.

– Trucks or tractors with 3 or more axles

– Farm labor vehicles with passengers inside

– Vehicles carrying explosives

– School buses with kid(s) inside

– Trailer buses as defined in Section 636

Why Is There a Speed Limit for Commercial Vehicles?

Speed is a top factor in the causes of road accidents, heavy cars with big sizes are a lot harder to maneuver in unpredictable cases even for the most experienced of drivers. Plus, due to the weight of commercial cars, they tend to have higher load transfer to the front when their brakes are applied with sudden movements hence the increased cases of casualties in the event of a mishap.

22406 VC Traffic Ticket Fine and Points

If you go against the speed limit of commercial vehicles in California, you will get 1 or 1.5 points to your DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles) record. According to the California Vehicle Code 22406 VC, you can also get a fine which can range from $285 (ticket cost for truck drivers driving 1-9 mph over the speed limit) to $500 (average ticket cost for truck drivers driving 10 or more mph over the speed limit).

But, if in a space of 36 months you accumulate 8 points or 6 points in a space of 24 months, or 4 points in a space of 12 months, then you might get a Negligent Operator License Suspension. In California, if you ignore a speeding ticket, your action can be charged as a misdemeanor.

It is also worthy to note that commercial drivers can also lose their job and struggle finding employment if they have traffic tickets on their record. Companies are not going to hire drivers they believe are high risk. But there are legal ways you can make use of when you need to defend speeding charges and traffic ticket fines.

How to Fight a Commercial Vehicle Ticket

If you receive a vehicle code 22406 ticket, there is a way to get this ticket dismissed. After discussing all these, you should know that your speed is often determined by a radar device that a police officer is not obligated to show you. Both the police and the radar device are not perfect, so a speeding ticket is not the final verdict. You can tender a written declaration to a trial procedure, where you do not appear in court but instead use a written statement to challenge traffic infraction citations.

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We have helped tens of thousands of California drivers dismiss their traffic violations through Trial by Written Declaration. There’s no need to delay or risk parting with thousands of dollars and if you choose to just pay the traffic ticket, a point will be added to your driving record and can stay there for 3 more years.

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