In fact, we’ve helped thousands of contest their traffic tickets and completed thousands of Trial by Written Declarations. (many of which were sign violations)

Sometimes you just don’t see the stop sign until the last possible moment. Or it might be the No Right Turn on Red sign. Or the Yield to Pedestrians sign.

Many towns have an overgrowth of trees that make it really hard to tell when there is a sign.

You usually follow the signs. You’ve always been a safe driver. But signs can be really tricky.

It was just this once that you missed the stop sign and luck would have it that a police officer was hidden around the corner just waiting for someone to make that mistake.

It was a perfectly set trap, because he knew that many people don’t see that particular stop sign in time to stop properly. This is how this police officer always make this traffic ticket quota every month, and you were just the latest person who got caught in this trap.

Now, he has written you an expensive ticket for running a stop sign. But you don’t deserve this punishment.

You probably feel that there isn’t much you can do, and that you just have to take this injustice as a fact of life.

But you don’t have to accept it. There are simple ways to challenge a Failure to Obey Traffic Sign ticket, you probably just never heard of them.

There is a wonderful process in the California called Trial by Declaration that allows you fight your traffic ticket without even leaving your house. No court room. No lawyers. Just some paperwork and a statement of what really happened that day.

You’d surprised how often you can get your stop sign ticket or other type of traffic ticket dismissed, especially if you know the right tricks and methods.

That’s where TicketBust comes in. In just over 18 years our system has completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations. Our system has also helped thousands of people remove the headache of a traffic ticket from their life.

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