In fact, we’ve helped thousands of drivers contest their traffic tickets and completed thousands of Trial by Written Declarations. (many of which were red light violations)

Traffic lights often change at the worst possible time. Your car is in motion and if you brake now you don’t think can come to a safe stop before you reach the light. You make a split second decision, the safer decision and you make the yellow light.

Unfortunately, the police officer’s eyes for too slow and he didn’t see that you did safely make the yellow light. He is convinced that you ran the red light, when you absolutely didn’t. Of course, he doesn’t listen and writes you an expensive traffic ticket for running the red light anyway.

It’s entirely unfair, but what can you do about it?

There is a way in California to make your traffic ticket and all the headaches that come along with it disappear.

It’s a process in the court system called Trial by Declaration. It’s so simple and easy that it is a big surprise that more people are using it to beat their traffic ticket and not have to pay the expensive fine.

All it requires is filling out some paperwork and making the right argument to give you best chances of having the court dismiss your unfair red light ticket.

In over 18 years TicketBust has helped THOUSANDS of drivers contest their traffic tickets and completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations.

This process doesn’t require to ever set foot in a courtroom (so no need to take a day off work) and you are not spending money to hire a lawyer. It’s just paperwork that if filed and presented properly can convince the courts to dismiss your ticket.

You won’t have to pay the annoying and expensive fine and the ticket will be taken off your driving record so insurance companies won’t raise their rates on you.

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TicketBust is ready to fight your ticket from a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

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