In fact, we’ve helped thousands of drivers contest their traffic tickets and completed thousands of Trial by Written Declarations. (many of which were red light camera violations)


You just got a letter saying that some camera caught you running a red light weeks ago.

You don’t even remember this happening, what took them so long to let you know?

If it actually happened, it probably happened by complete accident. You’ve always been a safe driver that follows the rules. It’s crazy that they want to punish you like this. Don’t they have actual bad drivers to give traffic tickets to?

Well, you surely aren’t one of these bad drivers and you don’t deserve this red light camera ticket.

So you probably searched on “How to beat a red light camera ticket” and you came to us. That’s because we at TicketBust specialize in helping you dismiss unfair traffic tickets.

You may never heard of Trial by Declaration, but it’s one of the California traffic court system’s little known secrets. It’s the best way of challenging your red light camera traffic ticket without ever going to court or hiring a lawyer.

If you succeed, it helps you keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates from going up. It takes away the entire headache of getting a traffic ticket.

In over 18 years TicketBust has helped THOUSANDS of drivers contest their traffic tickets and completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations.

TicketBust works in all these counties:


TicketBust is ready to fight your ticket from a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

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