How to Contest a Red Light Camera Ticket in Los Angeles

LA red light camera ticket

The state of California is notoriously strict when it comes to traffic law. Every day drivers get on the roadways only to get cited for all kinds of minor traffic issues.

But if there is one traffic ticket that might be voted as “least popular” throughout the state of California, it is the good old red light camera ticket. No one likes these!

They are so stealthy. You are just minding your own business. Perhaps you are the tiniest bit late for a really urgent appointment so you don’t take notice of that camera sign posted beside the stop light. Or perhaps the camera malfunctions right as your car drives through. Maybe you weren’t even driving your car when the incident occurred!

Whatever the reason, every California driver dreads walking out to the mailbox to see that tell-tale envelope containing notice of the red light camera ticket Los Angeles police issue every single day.

Is there a way to get it dismissed? Actually, there is – it is called Trial By Written Declaration and you can use it to get your ticket dismissed.

What Is Trial By Written Declaration?

If you have never heard of Trial By Written Declaration, you are definitely in good company. In fact, most California drivers have never heard of this method of getting a traffic violation dismissed – this in spite of the fact that the process is printed on the back of traffic tickets!

The reason most people don’t know about Trial By Written Declaration is because getting a traffic ticket is very stressful. You have your hands full just following the steps to get your bail posted and take off work for your court date.

Most people turn their ticket citation over to the back side, take one look at all that fine print and turn it right back over to the front side again. This is normal and natural and you have probably done it yourself in the past!

But ignoring that unpleasant fine print isn’t going to help you get your ticket dismissed any quicker. In fact, the California traffic court system is so backlogged and over-worked that any driver who chooses to use Trial By Written Declaration is likely to be viewed more favorably than drivers who come to court in person to contest their ticket.

By using Trial By Written Declaration, you let the judge know you took the time to read all that fine print and opted to use an easier method that doesn’t require face time on an over-full court docket.

How to Make Trial By Written Declaration More Successful for You

The way to make your case for red light camera ticket los angeles dismissal via Trial By Written Declaration the most compelling it can be is to complete these two simple-sounding steps perfectly:

1. You need to follow the steps to the letter to submit your dismissal request. This includes filling out the paperwork correctly (court judges are notoriously picky about paperwork errors), submitting the bail money on time and packaging it so you can track its arrival.

2. You need to make a compelling argument for why your red light camera ticket should be dismissed. This is not nearly so easy as it sounds.

How to Make a Very Compelling Dismissal Argument – No Traffic Lawyer Required!

But there is a way to make step two a lot easier. Thousands of California drivers have discovered that it pays to work with an expert to craft the most persuasive dismissal argument.

Here, you do not have to hire an expensive traffic ticket attorney. Attorneys can’t say or do anything you can’t say or do on your own behalf, and without the hefty retainer.

What you can do is work with a coach who knows exactly what words to use to catch the traffic court judge’s attention right away and demonstrate why your ticket should be dismissed.

This is where TicketBust comes into the picture.

Why Use TicketBust to Contest Your Red Light Camera Ticket in California?

TicketBust is a proven method for using Trial By Written Declaration to get all different types of traffic tickets dismissed in the state of California.

TicketBust uses its own in-house proprietary algorithm to create a personalized defense argument for each and every traffic violation.

But the best thing is, the whole system can be used online. You don’t have to make a single phone call, take time off work, spend hours filling out forms or go to the courthouse and wait all day to see the judge.

All you have to do is visit our website and follow the easy steps to upload your traffic citation, tell us what happened in your own words and wait for an email from us.

When the email arrives, you can download your defense documents, follow our simple instructions to assemble your packet and the bail money and send it to the courthouse.

Then you have up to 90 days before the judge returns the ruling. If the ruling is for dismissal, you get your bail money back and your driving record stays clean. If for any reason the ruling is against dismissal, we can help you re-apply for dismissal or apply for traffic school, whichever you prefer.

Do You Need Help Contesting a Red Light Camera Ticket?

The TicketBust ticket dismissal service has helped thousands of California drivers successfully dismiss red light camera tickets in Los Angeles. We are the simple, no stress solution to the thousands of traffic tickets issued across the state every day.

Skip the lines, the on hold times, the long waits, the stress and the trauma of facing down a cop and a busy traffic court judge who isn’t inclined to believe your version of events.

You can get your red light camera ticket dismissed without having to do any of this and without having to even leave home. Learn more and get started at

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