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ticketbust.com helps you fight your ticket through a process that has been developed, tested and proven to work. ticketbust.com makes it easy to fight your speeding ticket, red light ticket, or other traffic ticket in California. Our Experience is Your Number One Asset in Helping you Fight Your Ticket: ticketbust.com has helped over thousands of drivers contest their traffic tickets. Over the past 15 years the ticketbust.com system has been developed through experience and knowledge to properly prepare your court documents so you can contest your traffic ticket in California using a Trial by Written Declaration. With the experience of ticketbust.com behind you, feel confident that your court documents will be completed properly. After all, ticketbust.com has completed over thousands of Trial by Written Declarations! How many other companies can even come close to that?

Our Clients Describe it Best!

Here is what one client recently said, “I acquired the services of ticketbust.com at the very last minute, my ticket was due in just a few days. In my opinion, the cost was very good. considering the time, money & effort you have to put in order to take care of any traffic ticket. I sent in my ticket and they immediately called me back to review my ticket and prepare my documents. I did lose the trial by declaration, but ticketbust.com did an excellent job preparing my documents. They could have requested a new trial for me but as time was short, I did not have enough time to do this, but this was my fault. I feel that ticketbust would have beaten the case if I would have given them more time and proceeded with the new trial. ticketbust.com does have a service fee refund, so I requested a refund even though I was not eligible for the refund. I sent an email to their customer service, explained to all the facts I also mentioned that I had recently lost my job & that money would really help me out. I then received a phone call from the president himself (Steve Miller) and without any hesitation or hassle, he offered to me my full refund. ticketbust.com offers a great service and seem to really care. I love working with people that care. They are honest and trust worthy. I have no reservation about referring them to other people and using them again in the future as they gained my trust and confidence during the process. Thanks to all ticketbust.com staff!”……. K. Chan, La Palma California [more testimonials]

We are so confident, that if your ticket is not dismissed,
you will receive a refund of our ticketbust.com Service Fee, subject to our terms and conditions.*

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*Click here to see terms and conditions of our service fee refund.

Or call 800-850-8038 and one of our ticket professionals will help.

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