Contest A Failure To Stop Ticket Without An Attorney

Getting a failure to stop ticket happens to the best of us. This is a very common traffic violation in California and can happen as easily as missing the markings of a pedestrian crossing. Should you find yourself in the position where you’ve been cited for this violation, it can be quite daunting assessing the potential cost implications. After all, it’s not just the time spent in court and away from your daily schedule to consider. It also means taking on court fees and the worst of all, extremely expensive hourly attorney rates.

But don’t panic! We’ve got good news for you. There is a chance that you’ve been unfairly ticketed and you may even have a good enough case to contest your failure to stop ticket without an attorney present. In fact, you may not even have to court at all. This could truly mean the difference between haemorrhaging hundreds of dollars or simply filling in some paperwork and beating your failure to stop ticket from the comfort of your own home or office.

We know what you’re thinking? How is it possible to state your case to the court without an attorney or even having to be present? That’s where the TicketBust system is truly a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to quickly and cost-efficiently fight their failure to stop ticket without an attorney. You’ll receive a comprehensive DIY toolkit that will assist you in analysing the various criteria of your citation. If you have been unfairly ticketed, you’ll be able to build your case to the court in no time at all. After all, there are a number of reasons why a failure to stop ticket could be dismissed.

Using the TicketBust system, you’ll have your defense prepared without the assistance of a costly attorney. You’ll be able to compile a “Trial By Written Declaration” for contesting a failure to stop ticket (CVC 22450, 21453 and 22107) on your own. Then the only thing left to do will be to mail it off to the court and wait for the result.

Or call 800-850-8038 and one of our ticket professionals will help.

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