Los Angeles Traffic Cameras Are Everywhere

LA traffic camera tickets

The city of Los Angeles, CA, is literally littered with traffic cameras. Red light traffic cameras, speed tracking cameras and other traffic control cameras are very busy ticketing drivers every hour of every day of every year.

Because of this, nearly every driver has gone through the experience of being ticketed because of some type of traffic camera. These tickets never arrive at a convenient time and they are always expensive.

But there is a secret most of these drivers do not know – traffic camera tickets are not actually that difficult to get dismissed! In this article, learn what to do if those pesky LA intersection cameras have issued you a traffic citation.

Robocops Are Here to Stay

Los Angeles traffic cameras may be universally disliked, but they aren’t going anywhere. 

Red light cameras and other types of traffic cameras bring in tremendous revenue every year and more cameras go up every year, including speed tracking cameras, which are on the table again in some parts of California this year.

So the best approach is to figure out now how you are going to proceed the next time you get cited by LA intersesction cameras and that envelope arrives in the mail again.

If you are staring at a traffic citation right now, stressing about how you are going to pay the fee and deal with the point on your license, we have good news for you. You don’t have to do either! 

Options to Fight Your Los Angeles Traffic Cameras Tickets

Drivers in crowded, congested LA traffic may drive right through LA intersection cameras without being any the wiser. Traffic can get so backed up at certain times of day even the most conservative driver can be tempted to gun it to get to work on time.

But then the traffic camera ticket arrives and you have to make a decision – which one of these options are you going to pick to deal with your ticket?

1. Pretend it never happened and ditch the envelope.

Sure, the California Department of Transportation (DOT) can’t specifically prove you got that envelope and the ticket inside it. 

But they can make your life miserable with follow up letters and then phone calls from their collections agency. They can issue a warrant for your arrest and keep racking up the fines from the unpaid citation.

Ultimately, when you try to take on the government, you may not have to pay immediately, but you will pay every day you delay.

2. Go to court and represent yourself to fight it.

Unless you were the president of your high school debate team or have legal training, going to court to face down the judge is likely to be a highly stressful prospect. You can’t even hope the citing officer won’t show up, since the “officer” is a camera on a pole. 

So you have to take your chances building a compelling argument for why you are innocent and hoping the judge believes you.

3. Hire an attorney to fight your traffic citation.

There will never be any shortage of traffic attorneys eager to take your money and represent you to fight a camera citation. But do they really add anything to your case? 

You still have to take time off work, go to court, pay fees and now you have to pay the lawyer, too. The only thing you really get is the moral support of someone to speak for you, but it is really expensive to get that.

The bottom line here is, you don’t need a traffic attorney to fight traffic tickets in the state of California.

4. Pay the traffic ticket fine and be done with the whole thing.

You could just pay the traffic ticket camera fine (which tends to run upwards of $500 as of this year) and be done with it. But then you will have a point added to your license and be out $500. 

5. Use your legal right to fight the citation with Trial by Written Declaration.

Trial By Written Declaration is not a secret. In fact, the whole process is printed right on the back of traffic citations regardless of why you were cited.

But most people don’t read all that fine print so they miss out on a fantastic, low stress opportunity to get their ticket dismissed.

TicketBust walks you through the process of filing your Trial By Written Declaration documents. All you have to do is upload a phone pic of your citation and driver license, tell us what happened in your own words and wait for our email returning the appropriate court documents to you.

Mail them (the law requires that the citation recipient do this) and then we will go to work to fight your citation for you. You don’t have to make a single phone call, go to court or take any time off work. You can just go back to your regularly scheduled life while we use our 15 years of legal expertise to get your camera ticket dismissed. 

Why Use TicketBust to Fight Your Traffic Camera Ticket?

TicketBust was founded by two brothers who discovered a simple, quick way to effectively fight traffic tickets. Over the past 15 years, we have helped literally 10,000+ drivers get their traffic tickets dismissed using only the power of the internet (computer, tablet and phone-enabled).

The Trial By Written Declaration process of successfully fighting traffic camera tickets doesn’t have to be ponderous, confusing or time-consuming. Let TicketBust help you deal with your traffic ticket in just minutes – no phone calls, courthouse visits, time off work or stressful preparation required.

Visit us at www.ticketbust.com and get started on the road to getting your traffic ticket dismissed. 

P.S. If for some reason your ticket is not dismissed after using our system, we will refund your service fee and send you to traffic school on us!

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