Is It Still Worth It to Fight a Traffic Ticket During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

fight traffic ticket during coronavirus

Saving money for rent, groceries and bills is a big priority amidst this coronavirus quarantine. That is why paying for a traffic ticket is the last thing you want to have to do. Even though we are quarantined, the courts will not just waive the violation. Therefore, it is ALWAYS worth fighting California traffic tickets. After all, anything is better than paying a hefty fine and dealing with higher insurance premiums for the next 3 years. 

Why Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

If you do not put in the necessary effort to challenge the ticket, you are at risk of paying an expensive fine and insurance premiums that you may not currently be able to afford because of the rising unemployment rates and wavering economy. 

Contrary to public belief, fighting your ticket is significantly better than attending a traffic school. Although traffic school does have its benefits, such as keeping your insurance premiums from spiking, it does not dismiss the fine from the citation or remove points from your driving record. 

How do I Fight My Ticket in Quarantine?

All in all, fighting a ticket gives you the best chance at getting your case dismissed, with no fines, no penalties and no driving record points. Furthermore, there is an option to fight your ticket without going to court, allowing you to stay at home and avoid contracting the coronavirus. This option is called Trial by Written Declaration.

According to the Judicial Branch of California, Trial by Written Declaration, also known as Vehicle Code Section 40902, “allows a defendant to challenge traffic infractions in writing, without having to appear in person at court”. If successful, defendants do not have to appear in court, pay a fine, receive points on their record, nor go to traffic school – their ticket is fully dismissed. Luckily, Trial by Written Declaration is available during the pandemic and after and is a safe option for people to stay home and stay safe.

California Courts

If you receive a ticket during the quarantine, be proactive, and go to your local court’s website to find critical information regarding how that specific court is handling traffic citations. For instance, if they are postponing ticket payments or if they are expecting individuals to go into court at a later time when social distancing regulations are loosened. In addition to research if these delays are done automatically through the court or if you have to appeal to get an extension.

The protocols when appealing your citation will differ per county because of the stay at home orders for the coronavirus. Prior to quarantine, individuals who received traffic violations were expected to pay a fine, complete traffic school, or challenge their ticket within a certain amount of time. It is important to note that for some counties, this may still be the case and they are proceeding as business as usual. For other counties, however, they may be more lenient or expect people to complete extra paperwork and appeal to get the extension. 

Regardless of what county you reside in, throughout California, individuals are welcome to fight their traffic tickets through Trial by Written Declaration. 

TicketBust Can Help Today

Although the world is going through unprecedented times, it is essential to contest a traffic citation during the coronavirus quarantine. Through TicketBust, we build solid defenses to fight traffic citations. In addition, our team is available to assist in researching how to help you best contest the case depending on how your county’s court is handling the impacts of the coronavirus. We use a premier system that has processed thousands of tickets and cases and is successful in providing clients the best opportunity of getting their ticket dismissed. 

To learn more about our services during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact TicketBust today.

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