How to Fight a Rolling Stop Sign Ticket in California

rolling stop sign violation

Did you accidentally roll through a stop sign? Perhaps it happened just this once because you were in a rush or you didn’t see the sign. Now you must pay the price of an expensive traffic ticket. Is there anything you can do to fight it?

Stop sign violations are common in California and the cost of fines are outrageous. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars when you might not have to? TicketBust can help you fight your rolling stop sign ticket today.

Stop Sign Violation

In California, Vehicle Code (VC) 22450 mandates that drivers stop at the appropriate, marked signs for optimal road safety. Drivers may be at risk of a traffic citation if they do not stop before the marked or unmarked limit line. This may take place at an intersection, railroad crossing, or wherever a stop may be necessary that could potentially endanger traffic safety.

If you roll a stop sign, the consequences and expenses may vary depending on how many points you have on your driving record. Points stay on your record for three years and can impact the cost of your ticket and potentially legal services.

The DMV may suspend your license if you have an abundance of points and if short periods of time have elapsed between each ticket. The ticket alone could rise as high as a few thousand dollars. If your license gets suspended, however, your expenses will continue to rise with court fines and other costs.

How to Fight a Rolling Stop Sign Ticket

Vehicle Code Section 40902, also known as Trial by Written Declaration (TR-205), permits California residents to contest traffic tickets in writing instead of being present in a court room. Please note that Trial by Written Declarations are not viable for misdemeanors nor felonies. Such violations require a court appearance.

TicketBust administers you the documents you need for a successful trial. We have completed thousands of trials by written declaration and will fight to give you the trial you deserve, without filling out paperwork, appearing in court, or waiting.

The TicketBust Process

To fight your ticket, TicketBust asks you to complete a few, simple procedures.

First, you must upload your ticket information. We recognize it may be difficult to know what is relevant on your ticket, so we ask that you upload a photo or PDF of your ticket through the application. Through our system analysis, we collect the appropriate information and autofill it into your written declaration report.

Second, you are required to answer a few questions. These inquiries are intended to serve as a guide when you are explaining your circumstances. For instance, you may respond that the reason why you rolled the stop sign was a matter of environmental conditions, such as the time and weather, or external factors, such as the driving conditions or surrounding traffic.

Regardless, our reliable, automated system will evaluate the content of your responses and will indicate on your documents what will enhance your litigation. TicketBust has used this system for over 15 years and we continuously look for ways to improve it to give customers the fair fight they deserve.

Once our system has transferred your ticket information and responses into documents, your final step is to download your papers. Review your documents and make changes if necessary and your defense is prepared with no wait time. All you have left to do is to print, sign, and mail in your Trial by Written Declaration to your local court.

TicketBust’s quality services are at an all time low. For rolling stop signs and other traffic tickets, you pay only $199 without any hidden fees. This cost includes a $129 document processing fee and a $70 service fee, which is refundable if your ticket does not get dismissed. For cell phone and seat belt tickets, our services only cost $99, which breaks down to a $59 document processing fee and refundable $40 service fee.

Fight Your Ticket Today

Trial by Written Declaration continues to be a success for several of our clients. Thousands of people can attest that our services bring desirable results. Through our system, we combat potential points on your driving record, ensure the court refunds your bail payment, and guarantee a courtroom-free process. Read customer testimonials to learn more about their tickets being dismissed through our services.

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