How to Contest a Speeding Ticket by Written Declaration in California

a trial by written declaration speeding ticket

Over five million speeding tickets are issued every year in California. That’s a lot! If you have been given a speeding ticket in California, you will know how expensive and tedious they can be. If you have been lucky enough not to get a speeding ticket in California, then you may still want to know what the process is when you get one. They hand them out very easily, so if you are ever followed by flashing lights and know a speeding ticket is coming your way, you can come back to this post to know the best way to fight it. So let’s take a look at how to contest a California speeding ticket by written declaration. 

What is a Trial by Written Declaration?

A trial by written declaration is a way to fight your traffic ticket through writing instead of an in-person trial. The option of written declaration is in small print on the back of the speeding ticket. For the trial by written declaration, you must use the TR-205 court form, and you have to fill up necessary information such as name, citation number and address. Additionally, you must submit the form along with an explanation of what happened and why your ticket should be dismissed. If your ticket is dismissed, there will be no fines, no points and no court. 

Why Judges and Courts Prefer Written Declaration

Contesting a speeding ticket by a written declaration in California is a much more straightforward process for yourself as well as the court, which they will appreciate. With over five million speeding ticket claims to file every year, you can imagine how much pressure this puts on the court. Plus, if you contest your ticket through a written declaration, you will make your life easier by not having to appear in court. 

Additionally, the judge reviews written defenses in the privacy of his chambers instead of in the noisy, busy courtroom. Therefore, they are often in a better mood and not influenced by the other cases they are overseeing. A judge during an in-person trial could make an example of you by denying any request to reduce or dismiss the traffic ticket. 

Other reasons to contest a speeding ticket through written declaration:

  • Unlike appearing in court, a police officer is not incentivized to do written paperwork. So there is a better chance the officer will decide not to do the paperwork required for a written declaration or do a poor job responding. If this is the case then your ticket will be dismissed.
  • You get more than one chance to get a ticket dismissed. If you decide to fight your ticket through a trial by written declaration and it is unsuccessful, you can still file for retrial or go to traffic school. But go to court and that is it. Whatever the judge decides in the courtroom is the ruling. 

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

When you commit any offense, such as a speeding ticket, you may instantly feel you need to hire an attorney. The legal side of the offense may feel overwhelming to you. You may not understand it or how to contest the claim effectively. But a written declaration does not require expensive lawyers. 

How to Utilize a Trial By Written Declaration

Writing up a defense may seem easy but how you compose it matters. If you don’t select the proper words while defending your case, then you may not be able to get your case dismissed. Or worse you may get convicted for not knowing vehicle laws or poor choice of words. 

Fortunately, this is where TickerBust comes in. They can help you file a written defense that makes legal sense and will cover all bases in order for you to successfully contest the ticket. Instead of worrying yourself and writing a defense claim that could be used against you, you can use TicketBust to help you get out of the situation smoothly. The only information they need is some finer details of the incident so that they can write up the defense appropriately. They will also need the speeding ticket so that they can overview the case date and any details the officer left. 

Once that is completed, you will receive a letter and further documents that TicketBust has created on your behalf, which you will simply need to print and sign. Then you can mail the written defense to the court along with your bail check and wait to hear back. The waiting time to hear back about contesting a speeding ticket in California can take anywhere between 30 and 90 days. In that time, you can de-stress and stop worrying about the case as it is in good hands. 

A Trial by Written Declaration Results

No matter what a driver should always contest a speeding ticket by written declaration in California. Because if your speeding ticket is dismissed, you will receive a full refund of the bail check you sent them and no points will be added to your driving record. Even if the speeding ticket is not dismissed, you still have the right to go to court, file for a new trial or go to traffic school. 

Keep in mind, if you go to court instead of fighting through a trial by written declaration, the judge ruling is final. If you lose in court that is it and you will have to pay the fine and a point will be added to your record.

Why Use TicketBust for Your Speeding Ticket

Have you gotten a traffic ticket for speeding in California? TicketBust can help you get your ticket dismissed through the simple, fast process of Trial By Written Declaration.

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