How Much is a Stop Sign Ticket?

cost of a stop sign ticket

The state of California is one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to traffic citations.

Not only are the fines and fees higher than they are in most other states, but the penalties for multiple tickets can quickly add up in points on your license.

All of this can make getting a stop sign ticket in California very stressful! But there is a way to decrease your stress, keep that hard-earned cash in your wallet and points off your license. Read on to find out how to successfully fight your stop sign ticket.

What Is a Stop Sign Ticket?

At its most fundamental, a stop sign ticket is a type of road sign ticket.

Failure to obey a traffic control device such as a stop sign is an automatic traffic citation if law enforcement catches you in the act.

How Much Is a Stop Sign Ticket?

So How much is a stop sign ticket in California? As of time of publication, the base fine in California for not stopping at a stop sign is $35.

This probably doesn’t sound so awful. Unfortunately, the base fine is just one part of the overall financial penalty assessed when there has been a traffic control device violation.

To make matters worse, different California counties often assess fines somewhat differently. According to independent legal entity Nolo, you can count on paying around $202 in total penalties, which means you are paying the base fine of $35 plus an extra fee load of $167.

In some cases, your fees may be even higher. And there is also the not inconsequential matter of points getting added to your license. Currently, one point will be added to your license for a stop sign violation citation.

As an adult driver in California, all it takes is four points on your license to see your driving privileges diminished. For underage drivers, two points can result in license restriction and three points can result in license suspension.

How to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket in Californi

You do have options when it comes to choosing how to fight a stop sign ticket in California.

1. Pay the fine and be done with it.

One option is to simply pay the penalty fine and put the whole awful experience out of your mind.

This is all fine and good so long as your license remains clear. But once attached to your driving record, that point will remain for a full three years. Any subsequent points added to your license will then push you closer to limited privileges, suspension or revocation of your driver license.

2. Go to court yourself to fight the ticket.

A second option is to set up a court date and go to the court house in person to fight the citation on your own behalf.

Most drivers find this option very stressful. It can also be time consuming. If you are self-employed or a shift worker, there is a very real risk of losing income while you fight your citation in court. There is also the risk of friction with your employer by having to ask for time off.

And then you still have to develop your argument and appear in front of the judge. When your moment comes, you will need to be sufficiently convincing to get your ticket dismissed if the ticketing officer shows up to court.

To say this is not a surefire strategy for ticket dismissal is putting it mildly.

3. Hire an attorney to fight the ticket.

Some drivers choose to hire an attorney to fight their traffic ticket for them in court. However, it is still the attorney’s word against the ticketing officer’s word. If the ticketing officer doesn’t show, you will have just paid a lawyer for nothing.

If the ticketing officer does show, then win or lose, either way you will also be responsible for paying your attorney on top of any bail and fees assessed.

4. Use Trial By Written Declaration to fight the ticket.

The best way to fight a stop sign ticket in California is also one of the least-known and least-used methods. It is called Trial By Written Declaration.

The Trial By Written Declaration process is actually spelled out on the reverse side of every traffic citation issued. However, few violators spend the time to read through that fine print.

What makes Trial By Written Declaration so great? For starters, you don’t have to make any phone calls, fill out any lengthy paperwork or visit the court house in person, which often also requires taking time away from home and work.

You can do it all online!

All you have to do is upload a photograph of your traffic citation from your phone to our secure online system. Then give us some additional details about what happened when you got cited.

From there, you will receive email instructions for how to send in your paperwork and post bail with the appropriate county court. This is the only part we cannot handle for you per California law.

Then you can go back to your daily life while we craft a case for citation dismissal on your behalf. Our team is very good at what we do and we have developed a proprietary system of sophisticated algorithms to match the best defense to your ticket type and circumstances.

Why Use TicketBust to Get Your Stop Sign Ticket Dismissed

TicketBust has been helping drivers in California successfully fight traffic citations for decades. We have successfully handled thousands of citations for drivers from all walks of life.

Our tried-and-true process is simple, speedy and safe – if for some reason your ticket is not dismissed, we will refund your bail in full and send you to traffic court on us!

To learn more about getting your stop sign ticket dismissed using Trial By Written Declaration, visit us at

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