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Getting a traffic ticket for any reason in the state of California is expensive. But it isn’t just the upfront bail costs, fees and penalties that you will be paying.

For example, if you get a ticket for a moving violation in Santa Barbara, this will also add points to your driver license for three years.

It is also highly likely that you will see your auto insurance premium rates go up by 20 percent or more. And all this will continue as long as the points remain on your license.

For this reason, it is important to know how to contest your Santa Barbara traffic ticket so you can keep your budget in check and those points off your license.

How Does a Failure to Yield Ticket Affect Your License?

According to the state of California Department of Motor Vehicles, one point will be added to your license if you get cited for any of these failure to yield (FTY)violations:

– FTY to pedestrian.
– FTY to blind pedestrian.
– FTY to horseback rider.
– FTY to emergency vehicle.
– FTY right of way.

Once added, points stay on your license for three years.

How Does a Santa Barbara Traffic Ticket Affect Your Insurance?

California is one of the most expensive states in the nation for auto insurance and traffic violation fines and penalties. You just pay more to drive here, period.

While every auto insurer operates a little bit differently and each has their own proprietary risk algorithm, one thing you can count on is that your insurer will be checking your driver record regularly. They want to know how risky it is to insure you.

The more points you have on your license and the more frequently points get added to your license, the riskier you are to insure. And by risk, insurers mean risk of claims payouts.

As your risk level increases so does your auto insurance premium.

According to the Zebra, it is already more expensive to get auto insurance in California than in most other states – by as much as 20 percent.

But then just wait until you see what happens when you get a point added to your license. In most cases, that will hike your premiums by another 20 percent.

Let’s say the average monthly auto insurance cost for a single adult driver in California is $141 ($1,700 per year). Add 20 percent and now you are paying $169 ($2,028). That is a $328 per year increase, or nearly $1,000 in extra expenses.

Even worse, you will be paying that for a full three years until the point drops off your license again (assuming no new points get added in that time).

Why Not Hire a Traffic Attorney?

If there is one thing you don’t want to do after getting a Santa Barbara traffic ticket, it is hire a traffic attorney.

The reason is simple: you are already potentially paying out a ton in fines, fees and insurance premiums. Why would you add even more on top of that?

A traffic ticket attorney can’t do anything for you that you can’t do for yourself. But they will charge you to do the exact same things you can do for yourself for free. Attorneys have no special ability to get your tickets dismissed.

All they can do is hope the ticketing officer doesn’t show up, try to find a technical error on your ticket or hope to catch the judge on a good day. You can do all this for yourself for free!

Use Trial By Written Declaration to Dismiss Your Ticket

If you have never heard of Trial By Written Declaration before now, you are in good company. Most drivers never even realize the process to contest your traffic ticket by mail is written right on the back of the citation itself.

The California court system is backlogged and overloaded – this is why it is always so crowded and inefficient whenever you have to go to court. So they really want drivers to use the mail to contest tickets instead of showing up in person.

Best of all, it is easy and fast to use the Trial By Written Declaration method of getting your traffic ticket dismissed.

By following the directions and crafting compelling defense documents that explain to the judge why your ticket should be dismissed, you can avoid going to court, paying out fines, attending traffic school (yawn) or seeing your insurance rates increase.

When you use TicketBust to help you contest your ticket using Trial By Written Declaration, you get expert defense documents for a fraction of the potential cost outlay for letting those points go on your license.

You don’t have to go to court, make any phone calls, take time off work or pay for and attend traffic school. You just mail in some documents and go back to your regularly scheduled daily life. It couldn’t be easier!

Why Use TicketBust to Fight Your Santa Barbara Failure to Yield Ticket?

Now that you understand the potential impact to your bottom line for getting a failure to yield ticket in Santa Barbara, California, you are more informed so you can decide what to do next.

Many drivers in your situation choose to use TicketBust to contest their citation by mail. It is fast, affordable and easy and delivers excellent results. All you have to do is create your account, upload a snapshot of your citation, tell us what happened in your own words, wait for our email, download and sign your defense documents, send them to the court and then go back to your daily life.

It takes between 30 and 90 days to receive the court’s response. During that time, instead of attending traffic court or worrying about appearing in court, you can be just living your life. It couldn’t be easier!

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