Do Not Pay that Ticket! California Traffic Ticket Dismissal is Easy

California Traffic Tickets

A California traffic ticket can be costly. Especially after all the add on fees and increase in insurance rates because of points on your driving record. That is why you don’t pay that ticket until you try fighting it using Trial by Written Declaration. It is the easiest method to dismiss a ticket. You don’t even have to show up at court. If ticket is dismissed, you will be refunded bail money and no points will be added to your driving record. So why not try!

California Traffic Citation Fees

Overall, a California traffic ticket cost is decided by the severity of the citation and county penalties and fees. That means the base fine of a traffic ticket is not the full cost of a ticket. Here are the fees that will be added to the original base fine:

  • Court operations assessment – $40.00
  • Conviction Assessment – $35.00
  • State penalty assessment) – 100% of base fine
  • Night court assessment – $1.00
  • County penalty assessment) – $7 for every $10 of base fine
  • DNA Identification fund penalty assessment – $4 for every $10 of base fine
  • State court construction penalty assessment – 50% of base fine
  • Emergency Medical Air Transportation Services fund penalty assessment – $4.00
  • Emergency medical services fund penalty assessment – $2 for every $10 of base fine

In the end, a traffic ticket cost becomes 4-6 times more than the base fee. Check out the chart for an example of speeding ticket costs are inflated by penalties.

CA Speeding ticket cost

California Point System

California DMV point system is a way for authorities to monitor drivers. So when a driver receives a traffic citation, they are penalized with 1 or 2 points. Once points are placed on your driving record, your insurance company is informed and your rates go up. On average, drivers pay an addition $160 every year in insurance expenses for the following three years. Add that to the traffic ticket fine, you have one large financial burden. Nobody wants that!

Fight Traffic Ticket with Trial by Written Declaration

Don’t pay that ticket! Our system of using Trial by Written Declaration can help you get your ticket dismissed. At TicketBust, we have helped thousands of drivers fight their traffic ticket. This way you can say goodbye to all those fines, fees, and points. As well as, not worry about insurance costs skyrocketing. Get started here or give us a call 800-850-8038.

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