Does Traffic School Remove Ticket from Record

traffic school does it remove ticket

Millions of Americans receive traffic tickets on a yearly basis. These tickets are a costly part of driving in today’s fast-paced world. Many people do not explore all of their options when they are faced with a ticket. Most individuals choose to go to traffic school because they believe they will not have to pay fines or increased insurance premiums and it will keep their driving record clean. But does traffic school really remove ticket from record?

What is Traffic School?

Traffic school is a school mandated in many states once an individual has committed certain types of traffic violations. These violations vary by state and the specifics of traffic school vary as well. The idea behind traffic school is that individuals learn how to drive properly and safely in their original drivers’ education courses that they often take before earning their degree. Education causes them to drive more safely in the future. More classes should reinforce these ideas and cause a person to gain better driving habits and lose their habit of accelerating around other cars or tailgating.

In most instances, traffic school is a set of mandated courses where an individual learns about proper driving techniques. These courses teach the basics of driving techniques and strategies that a person can use to avoid situations where they may be tempted to drive recklessly.

Traffic school emphasizes the two second rule, where a person is advised to stay two seconds’ worth of driving distance behind the closest car ahead of them. Traffic school may also include elements of anger management courses. It can teach a person what they should do if they are in a position where they might begin raging at other drivers.

Does Traffic School Remove Ticket from Record

Many people who face a ticket wonder: does traffic school remove ticket from record? The answer is no. It does not remove the ticket from your record. It simply “masks” your ticket and point from insurance companies. Overall, the point of going to traffic school is to avoid increased insurance premiums.

Therefore, you still have to pay the fine that comes along with the ticket and the cost of traffic school. According to, “If you choose to go to traffic school you will still have to pay your traffic fine, in addition to an administrative court fee and the traffic school fee. Attending traffic school does not do away with the fine or fees; it is a separate issue related only to eliminating the point from your DMV record.”

What To Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket

Anyone who faces a traffic ticket needs to be aware of their options. Contrary to popular advice, there are services that will help a person remove a ticket from their record and avoid all penalties. These services target the ticket early on in the process. For a small fee, a person can submit to a trial by written declaration. Services like TicketBust submit a wide variety of documents that show a person’s commitment to driving in a safe, reliable manner. The service takes advantage of the fact that the vast majority of courts are overwhelmed and rely on poorly-sourced cases for their tickets. As a result, a trial by written declaration causes the court system to expend considerable time and resources pushing against a driver for a ticket. This system does not guarantee total perfection in dismissal rates.

But in the vast majority of cases, a person who is opposing their ticket through a written declaration of trial is able to take advantage of flaws in the ticket issuing system and win a dismissal. For a relatively small fee, a person can avoid the expense and hassle of paying for a ticket and paying for traffic school. They simply have to pay the fee and then submit the required paperwork when TicketBust instructs them to. After a few short hours, they have a chance of completely avoiding the ramifications of their ticket and can get back to focusing on their lives and driving safely on the roadways.

TicketBust Can Remove Tickets From Your Record

A traffic ticket is often a stressful occurrence. Many people who receive them hate themselves for a possible mistake and want to move on past the situation as quickly as possible. They will pay significant amounts of money just to be done with the ticket. But these individuals can save time and money by pursuing an alternative approach that can handle their ticket before even reaching the traffic school stage. Traffic ticket alternatives such as TicketBust can help people avoid these pitfalls.

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