click it or ticket

Click It Or Ticket Campaign

click it or ticket campaign

In 2005, California came out with the “Click It or Ticket” campaign to encourage drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts every time they get into a car. If drivers and passengers fail to put on their seat belts, they can be pulled over and given a ticket. So how much is a seat belt ticket and what are the dangerous of not wearing one?

Click It or Ticket Success

Seat belts have proven to save lives. According to National Highway Traffic Safety, seat belts saved about 15,000 lives in 2017. However, there is still room to do better. In 2019, the national rate was 90.7% of drivers and passengers wear seat belts. That is still 10% of people not clicking it before driving.

seat belt awareness campaign

Dangerous of Not Wearing a Seat Belt

  • Not wearing a seatbelt could put you at risk of having severe injuries or worse
  • Now wearing a seatbelt could cause stress and anxiety for you, your family or friends. Fatal accidents or serious injuries affects everyone.
  • Not wearing seatbelt could cost you hundreds or thousands in medical expenses.

How Much is a Seat Belt Ticket?

The average cost of California seat belt ticket is $162 or $490 fine for not properly restraining a child under 16.

Keep in mind, in California, drivers are responsible for all passengers. If a passenger does not wear a seat belt than the driver is fined. Therefore, it is always safest and best to always put on your seatbelt. And make sure all passengers in your car have their seat belts on too!

What If I Receive a Traffic Ticket?

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