What Does Age Have to Do with Traffic Citations in California?

So many Californians think that they won’t get a traffic citation. “Ahhhh, I haven’t had a ticket in over ten years,” you hear many middle-aged folks say. As it turns out, this may not be just luck. According to the graphic below (provided by http://dmv.ca.gov/teenweb), your age may have a lot to do with the likelihood that you will receive a traffic violation, at least compared to those drivers under 20. The ironic part is that teen drivers are just as confident that they will not receive a traffic citation (or maybe they just do not understand the impact a citation will have on their pocketbook and driving record).

Citations by Age Group

Citations by Age Group

The relationship between age, traffic citations and driving behavior has interested highway safety researchers and administrators for many years. It is generally acknowledged that the greatest risk of traffic crashes is among teenage drivers. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the United States. For both men and women, drivers aged 16 to 19 years of age have the highest average annual crash and traffic citation rates of any other age group.

Type of Violation for Age Group 16-19

Type of Violation for Age Group 16-19

Here is another set of traffic citation statistics based on type. Coming soon, we will be providing nationwide statistics for all ages (stay tuned):
Click on the following links to get more information on nationwide traffic citations and crash statistics for teenage drivers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Bottom line, regardless of whether you are 18 or 81, ticketbust.com can help get your traffic citation dismissed and, in most cases, you will never have to deal with the judge or a courtroom (subject to the terms and conditions of our guarantee).
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The Unsolicited Client Appreciation of Our Document Filing Service Keeps Coming

It is always so nice to receive notes like the following. As we get these compliments on our traffic ticket document filing service, we will continue to share them with you….

Dear Ticketbust,

I have always been somewhat skeptical when it comes to “money back guarantees”. My level of trust was still active and raw after receiving a speeding ticket, purchasing an $60 Fight your ticket book and then searching the web for information.
I had several replies from scammers in Zimbabwe to people proclaiming to be “experts in the industry of getting rid of tickets”. And the book basically said hire a lawyer or you are scr–ed !!!
Your site seemed honest and straight to the point.
I enlisted your services, someone; “a live person” called me soon after. I followed your instructions to the letter; called to check on “my ticket status” several times. (your staff always pleasant and answered any questions I had).
I have just received my fine amount, bail, back from the local court……which means; I was informed by the nice young lady in your office..(Amanda)…….I WON well you WON on my behalf.
You folks are the BEST……………Thank You Soooooooooooo much
Best to you all at TICKETBUST …and give Amanda, Christina and Steven a raise or at least diner and drinks !!!
Thank you sooo much,
Gary T., El Sobrante Ca.

ticketbust.com Announce New Campaign to Fight Scandalous Websites

Steve Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters of California announces Their Launch of ‘Fight Scandalous Sites’ Campaign

Recently Ticket Busters of California has become victim to a growing revenue scam on the Internet via a popular complaint site. “After investigating our options to rebut the complaint, our staff was astonished to find that there is a growing trend over the Internet of site like these; those allowing anyone to post a negative comment about any business or individual,” explained Steven Miller, CEO for Ticket Busters. With that information, Ticket Busters decided to launch a ‘Fight Scandalous Sites’ Campaign.

Miller goes on to say that, “our staff found limited ways to combat the complaints and other negative comments, other than to pay the site owner to contest the complaint or ‘monitor’ their site for removal of these comments”. While these sites do not charge any fee for the posting of these potentially scandalous comments, they charge the business or individual whom the complaint was lodged against. Also, these sites do not verify the legitimacy of the commandant or make any attempt to verify the legitimacy of the complaint. Ticket Busters found numerous stories from other business owners about postings that turned out to be from competititors or disgruntled ex-employees that were simply trying to bring negative attention to the business.

Ticket Busters of California decided that it was important to bring public awareness to this revenue generating and slanderous practice. In their campaign release, Ticket Busters pleads with the general consumer to, “please be careful not to believe everything you read on the Internet. Here is an example of a very popular complaint site and the lawsuits being brought against the company for allowing anyone to write anything:


“ The campaign goes on to add, “did you know, as an example that a good amount of the activity on these sites are either shakedown artists or complaints initiated by competition? Help us in our efforts at ticketbust.com to put an end to erroneous and misguided complaints by not clicking on the negative postings of these sites in the search engine results. The more clicks they get, the more popular these scandalous sites become. We want to annihilate these scandalous sites from the legitimate listings of Google and other search engines”.

If you would like to discuss your concerns with our CEO directly, please call 800.850.8038 or post a comment here.

For additional information on the Ticket Busters Campaign to Fight Scandalous Sites, please visit https://ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/index.asp . For more information on fighting scandalous sites, please visit our “Scandalous Site Resources and Links” page at https://ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/inbound.asp . If you would like more information on how you can Join the Fight Against Scandalous Sites, including adding our “Help Fight Scandalous Sites” icon to your website, check out our Join the Fight page at https://ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/join-the-fight.asp or call 800.850.8038.

About Ticket Busters of California: Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com), located in Westlake Village, California, was founded in 2004 by Steven F. Miller. This service has assisted tens of thousands of Californians with filing the necessary paperwork to dismiss their traffic tickets. Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com) was originally created to alleviate the tedious and time-consuming process of attempting to contest a traffic ticket on your own. Mr. Miller wanted to create a fully automated and user-friendly online service for California drivers to submit their traffic ticket information and process the necessary documents. Unfortunately, there will always be a small percent of people that are unhappy and are free to post whatever they like, whether it is true or not, on unsavory sites like complaints.com, etc. Of this small percent of our client base, we have found that many of those did not read our Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which we encourage our website visitors to do throughout the site. We also always strongly encourage clients to give us their feedback directly so that we can work to resolve their issues. In five years, we have processed over 12,000 tickets for our clients and are a member in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Ticket Busters of California Helps It’s Clients Fight Traffic Tickets

We have recently received two more client testimonials (unsoliciated by our staff) from customers who are thrilled with our service (below)  It is an honor to be ackwlowledged by our clients and we would welcome the chance to do the same for you if you are faced with a traffic ticket, speeding ticket, red light tickets, cell phone violation or red light camera ticket.  Feel to free to give our staff a call at 800.850.8058, or provide your ticket information online at https://ticketbust.com/beattraffictickets/fight-a-traffic-ticket.html 🙂


Dear Ticket Busters of California,
I just wanted to let you know I received a court response today on my ticket# T694669. They judged me not guilty and are sending me back my $202 ticket bail.   I don’t know how you did it but thank you. I am very impressed. I suspect we will be talking again in the future, but hopefully not for some time.
Michael W., Orange County

————and this one from Jim in San Diego———–

Dear Steven,
I have received the TR-215 Decision and Notice of Decision.  I am absolutely astonished by the court decision of Dismiss.  The personal check was cashed some time ago, so I thought that it was all over.  Now the clerk of the court has to reimburse me for the check amount.  I just want to say that because of your unique method of articulating the facts; you have proven that your company, The Original Ticket Busters, does do exactly what it is suppose to do.  I am so pleased with the outcome and the fact that my unblemished driving record in California will remain clean.  If there is a recommendation that I may be able to make with respect to the success of your company, please let me know.  So I just want to say thank you very much!

Best regards,
Jim K., San Diego

Steve Miller, CEO is Invited as Guest Traffic Ticket Expert on Radio Talk Show

On May 6th, 2009, Steve Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters of California was invited as a representative traffic ticket expert on the #1 Northern California Radio Talk Station, KRXA 540 (AM) and Energy 92.7 Pure Dance (FM).  The topic of the show was Highway Robbery.

After some technical difficulty at the beginning of the show, the topics of discussion included an incident in Texas where a police officer demanded thousands of dollars in cash for a driver he had cited.  The man had in excess of $8,000 in cash as he was on his way to purchase a new vehicle.  The case has sparked discussions all over the country about traffic tickets.

The remainder of the show was dedicated to California-related traffic tickets, violations, horror stories and informative facts Steve Miller shares about the current state of law enforcement in California and how demand for increased revenue plays a role in traffic tickets.

To listen to the radio show, please visit https://ticketbust.com (scroll down past the videos to the audio file).

If you have any questions about how to beat traffic tickets and fight speeding tickets, similar to the numerous callers into the show, please feel free to contact our experts at 800.850.8038, info@ticketbust.com or visit www.ticketbust.com

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Ticket Busters of California Gets Another Compliment

Our team just found this comment from another happy client who gave us a 5 star rating for our services. Originally posted on http://www.yelp.com/biz/ticket-busters-westlake-village,  9/16/09, here are the details:

“These guys are great.  I’ve used them for a couple moving violations with excellent results.  Their process is tried and true, and the folks I worked with there were very professional and courteous.  I have referred them to dozens of friends, and have heard no complaints to date.

If you are unwilling or unable to write your own Trial by Decleration for your moving violation(s), then you should absolutely use these guys!”

cj l.

Santa Monica, CA