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How To Write A Defense For A Trial By Written Declaration

How To Write A Defense For A Trial By Written Declaration

When most people realize for the first time that it is possible to fight a speeding ticket, one question usually comes next – how? Is it possible to fight a speeding ticket? Absolutely, with the help of a trial by declaration. So, have you exceeded the speed limit by a few minutes and ended up with a speeding ticket? Have you missed a stop sign accidentally? Do you want to protect yourself from the inconvenience of hefty fines, license revocation, and other risks associated with getting a traffic ticket? Then you must learn how to write a defense for a trial by written declaration.

What is a trial by written declaration?

The California state Judiciary and Court wrote the Vehicle code section 40902 to be used in conjunction with the California Rules of Court 4.210 to enable anyone charged with an infraction to have a trial by written declaration. This law allows an individual to challenge a traffic ticket by writing rather than going to court. You can take advantage of a trial by a written declaration in situations involving moving violations like speeding, running red lights, stop signs, carpool lanes, and others. You’ll find a trial by written declaration quite beneficial if you receive a ticket for moving violation without a misdemeanor like drugs or alcohol use (which will require a personal trial).

What is the procedure for a trial by written declaration?

The following are steps you should take to file for a trial by written declaration:

  • Fill the request forms for a trial by written declaration and write a statement detailing what you remember. 
  • Include your bail payment amount by a check or money order – no cash.
  • Make and keep additional copies of all your forms for your records. 
  • Deliver the original forms to the court clerk by mail, and this should be done by the due date.
  • The court will then decide by a given due date.

Can you fill out your trial by written declaration form on your own?

Yes, you can always fill out the trial by writing a declaration form on your own. However, how you frame your words will make all the difference. If you don’t use the right words during your defense, you may not be able to get your case dismissed. Even worse, you may end up convicted of poor choice of words or failing to understand the law.

If you want to avoid any risk, your best option is to seek the assistance of professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in fighting tickets and know everything about California driving laws. 

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