How to Fight an Unsafe Lane Change Ticket in California

california vehicle code 22107

All motorists change lanes while driving. Some do so when in a hurry trying to beat deadlines, evading traffic, or even when distracted. Changing lanes may happen knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes due to the busy life schedules that you have, you may forget to adhere to the set vehicle codes, and other times you are forced by circumstances such as emergencies. This may lead to unsafe lane change, as stated in California vehicle code 22107.

What is Unsafe Lane Change?

According to California Vehicle Code 22107 abbreviated as CVC 22107, you perform unsafe lane change if you turn a motor vehicle from the direct course or move right or left upon a roadway without adhering to the necessary safety precautions. CVC 22107 also requires that you signal using the vehicle indicators or by using your hands when changing lanes.

How to Avoid Unsafe Lane Change Ticket?

You can always avoid unsafe lane change by:

  • Being keen while driving

This is one of the times when keenness is required most. Check for hazards that can render lane change unsafe. Confirm by checking using the side mirrors or even checking over the shoulder to ascertain that the lane you want to move to is safe.

  • Use Indicators/signals

 Use the appropriate signal when you want to change lane. For example, if you’re going to switch to the left lane, indicate using the left side indicators. You can also use horns and even brake lights to alert other road users of your move.

  • Be Patient

Always take time and wait until it is safe to change lane.

  • Use side mirrors

Make use of the side mirrors to ensure that the gap between you and another car is sufficient for changing lane.

  • Alter your speed, consider increasing or decreasing your speeding depending on the speed of the other road users.
  • If you have checked all the above factors, and you are undoubtedly sure, then you can safely change lane.

Cost of an Unsafe Lane Change Ticket

Violating California vehicle code 22107 attracts a fine of $238.00 for an infraction, as well as one point your DMV driving record.

How to Fight Unsafe Lane Change Ticket

You may choose to admit that you have violated the CVC 22107, pay the $238 fine, and get one point assessed on your driving record. However, if you are innocent, had a justifiable reason for an unsafe lane change or you feel the ticketing officer was unfair to you, challenge the ticket through either of the following ways:

Fight the ticket in court

If you receive an unsafe lane change ticket, you can plead innocent and try to provide a defense in court. This option is stressful since you have to forgo your work, family, and other activities to attend the court sessions. In addition, you have to put together a great defense. A simple defense such as “police officer wasn’t being fair,” “the officer was wrong” or “I didn’t do anything” won’t work. Therefore, even if you take the time out of your busy schedule to show up in court and claim a defense, the presiding judge may still make you pay your full ticket fine and add a point to your license.  

Fight through a traffic attorney

The second way of challenging the ticket is by deploying a traffic attorney to go to court on your behalf. This option attracts heavy legal fees on top of the fine if the attorney is not successful.

Use Trial by Written Declaration to get your ticket dismissed

Vehicle code section 40902 allows you to contest tickets in writing, without making an appearance in court. This is referred to as Trial by Written Declaration. It is the option that we recommend to get your ticket dismissed. It is easiest and fastest way to fight a ticket. If ticket is dismissed, it means no points, no fine and no court.

Ticketbust Traffic Ticket Dismissal Services

Since our state is strict on driver rules, points, and penalties, it is necessary to do everything right. We at Ticketbust have a system that allows you to answer several questions concerning your traffic ticket. Our algorithms will match your answers to the questions to a proper defense that relates to your unique situation. You are then provided with the access to download and edit your defense documents if need be. We will then provide you with instructions on how to send Trial by Written Declaration document to the court to challenge your traffic ticket.

With over 15 years’ experience in contesting traffic tickets, we have the best system in place, and we keep on improving to be ahead of the courts. If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you out!

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