California DMV points

Why California DMV Points Matter

California Ticket Points

According to LA Times, more than 4 million traffic tickets are issued in California per year. WOW that is a lot of tickets! For this reason, it is important to understand the California system. Because not only are traffic tickets expensive but points can be placed on your driving record. Creating one big problem for you and one huge payday for California. So why do California DMV points matter and how do you keep my record clean? Let’s find out.

What Are Traffic Ticket Points?

A moving violation is any violation of the law committed by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. When a California driver receives a moving violation, points are added to their driving record. Each moving violation equals 1-2 points depending on the severity of the offense. Keep in mind, non-moving violations such as parking and cellphone tickets only have a fine to pay but there are no points. 

Points for Moving Violations:

One point is added for speeding, running a red light, making an unsafe lane change, and at-fault accident.

Two points are added for reckless driving citations such as hit-and-run, Dui, and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Why Does California DMV Points Matter?

The point system is a way for California authorities to monitor drivers. But these points can be costly and stay on your record for 39 months (3 years, 3 months). Unless a more serious moving violation like a DUI. That is on your record for 10-13 years. 

So here are the two main reasons why California DMV points matter.

One is points affect car insurance rates. Insurance premiums increase when points are on your driving record. The average increase is $160 per year for the next three years. This is on top of the hefty fine for the traffic ticket. 

The second reason is multiple points on record could mean revoked driving privileges and/or driver’s license suspended. Drivers who accumulate four penalty points in 12 months, six in 24 months, or eight in 36 months will have their driver’s license taken away for an extended period of time. There are even harsher penalties for beginner drivers. A minor’s license can be suspended if they receive 3 points within the first year.

How Can I Keep My Driving Record Clean?

The best way to keep your record clean is to always practice safe and responsible driving.

Safe Driving Tips:

  • Don’t use phone or any electronic device while driving
  • Be aware of the drivers around you
  • Adjust seats and mirrors before turning on car
  • Don’t attempt to retrieve items that fall to the floor
  • Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you in case they suddenly stop
  • Avoid driving while tired
  • Check mirrors and blind spots when changing lanes
  • Put on seatbelt 

However, traffic tickets do happen! The good news is if you do get a traffic ticket there is a way to keep driving record clean. It is called Trial by Written Declaration. Trial by written declaration is contesting your ticket in writing instead of going to court. This not only saves you time but if ticket is dismissed, there are NO points and NO fines. Keeping your driving record spotless.

How Can TicketBust Help?

We have helped tens of thousands of California drivers dismiss their traffic tickets. Our defense system builds a case for you in writing. All you have to do is tell us what happened, download the documents and send them to court. It is that easy! Call us today: 800-850-8038.